At What Level Do You Want to Contribute Your Expertise?

The SSI Forum has three classes of membership:

  • Adopters receive access to pre-released specs, the right to build product to the specs, intellectual property protection for use of the specs, and the right to participate in compliance and interoperability programs, including "plugfests" and logo programs. Members pay annual dues of $1,500.
  • Contributors are entitled to all Adopter rights, plus the privilege to participate in working groups and vote on the readiness of candidate specifications. Contributors pay annual dues of $2,500.
  • Sponsors are entitled to all Contributor rights, plus the privilege to chair working groups, participate on the Board of Directors, and vote on the specifications for finalization. Sponsors are nominated and voted in by other sponsors. Sponsors pay annual dues of $5,000.

All companies are subject to a one-time joining fee of $,1500.