Who Can Access SSI Forum Specifications

SSI Forum Specifications contain both protected and open source and publicly accessible specifications. All SSI Forum specifications are the property of the SSI Forum.

Free Specifications

Free specifications can be used by any manufacturer to design and market products that meet the SSI Forum specs in this classification. These include Power Supply Design Guide, Micro-server Module, and Enterprise Electronics Bay server specifications.

Protected Specifications

Protected specifications are only accessible to SSI Forum members. To use these specifications in production, a manufacturer must belong to the SSI Forum. Membership information is available in the Membership section.

Free Evaluation of Protected Specifications

Protected specifications are freely available for evaluation by anyone who wants to assess whether or not their organization will manufacture products to the SSI Forum specifications.  To request specifications for evaluation, please fill out the Specification Evaluation Request form. You MUST provide your corporate/business affiliation and provide your business email address. Requests with generic or public/ISP email addresses (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) will not be fulfilled. Your company will be required to agree to a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement with the SSI Forum covering the specifications you evaluate.