Become a Leader in Market Advances

Standardization of systems enables companies to invest in differentiating their products for a larger infrastructure with key features that customers need and want, rather than spending development dollars on defining and building interfaces. Standardization drives continued growth in the market by lowering barriers to market entry, reducing the cost of design and integration, and simplifying the challenges of interoperability and compliance. Standardization has helped drive the phenomenal growth in the compute industry over the last 30 years, and it has enabled incredible innovation in solutions for customers.

Being part of setting standards in any industry gives a company a competitive edge to be first with solutions that meet those standards in addition to having a voice of what those standards will be. The Server System Infrastructure Forum (SSI Forum) offers companies an opportunity to be part of creating standards for the world's data centers--enterprise, cloud, and small business--and to be able to focus development investments in product value rather than interfaces.

Become a member and be part of a large consortium that is impacting the future of systems design and development.